Marketing Promotions

The event will be supported by multi-channel marketing strategies with specific visitor target.

Media – Press Conferences, Press Releases, Advertisements and Articles in newspapers, weekly magazines and industry publications.

Media Partners & Associations – The event is partnered with relevant publications and associations.

Blogging & PRs Online Media – Press releases and blogs in popular portals and social networking sites as well as an event website.

Outdoor Media – Distribution of thousands of leaflets in strategic locations.

Mailing – Direct mailing and e-mail shots to industry professionals in our database as well as targeted VIP invitations.

*Special invitations will be sent to local, regional and international decision makers.

Radio & TV – Radio spots to effectively raise awareness about the event and live TV coverage to reach targeted audience.

Broadcast – SMS & Fax campaigns

Website – A website dedicated to KIAFE. Sponsors logos will be listed and a landing page for sponsors to insert their profile.

Database Research – Contact details of over 2000 industry professional & stake holders.

Telemarketing – A team of telemarketers are assigned to promote the event covering across industry and geographical profiles.