Kuwait joined FAO in November 1961. The country’s longstanding cooperation and partnership with FAO culminated in a joint declaration of intent, signed in 2013, for the opening of a permanent FAO office in Kuwait. The declaration also highlighted the joint commitment of FAO and Kuwait to halve hunger and poverty in the country by 2015, to achieve environmental sustainability, and to establish a global development partnership.

As per Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Kuwait achieved the World Food Summit and Millennium Development Goals 1st target of halving the number and proportion of undernourished people in the country. In 2013 FAO lauded Kuwait for achieving its anti-hunger goals for 2015. This reflects the pioneering food security strategy in Kuwait. Since then, only 38 states, including Kuwait, have achieved the Millennium Development Goal to end hunger before the deadline set by the UN.

FAO has agreed to support Kuwait in formulating a partnership programme for agricultural development aimed at enhancing the country’s aquaculture and water sectors, tackle livestock diseases and boost technical skills. The FAO/ Kuwait Partnership Programme will cooperate in pursuit of food security, nutrition, farming and rural development and that benefit both Kuwait and, where possible, other states within the framework of South-South cooperation. Twelve projects are envisaged for development in the following general technical areas:

  • 1. Fisheries management
  • 2. Water resource management
  • 3. Natural resource management
  • 4. Animal production
  • 5. Animal health
  • 6. Technical capacity development

The projects, expected to last between one and five years, will encompass food security, agriculture and natural resource management issues. They range from mapping the DNA of commercial fish stocks to sustainable water management and to combating brucellosis in local camels.

Source: www.fao.org/3/a-az573e.pdf